Chiropractor Roswell, Georgia

Chiropractor Roswell, Georgia

chiropractor-HalanDr. Michael Halan is a chiropractor in Roswell, GA who has been practicing chiropractic in the Roswell area for over 20 years.

He has used specific, successful chiropractic adjustments to take patients back to health or provide health where it didn’t exist before. He takes pride and feels satisfaction from helping someone get out of pain. He helps patients end neck, head, back, and other joint pain.

He uses many adjusting techniques, Applied Kinesiology, nutrition and physical therapy to target each person’s individual condition and to address their needs. As a preferred provider with many health insurance plans, Dr. Halan treats most patients for just a simple co-pay. Cash payment and family plans are available for uninsured people who don’t want to use insurance.

Dr. Halan’s Clinical approach:

Integrated care is the approach of >Halan Family Chiropractic. Complimentary therapies like nutrition, neuro-muscular therapy and physical therapy aid Dr. Halan in accelerating his patients’ return to health. Applied Kinesiolgy aids in the diagnosis and treatment of not only musculo-skeletal problems, but metabolic issues as well, and it promotes overall wellness and health.

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Although Dr. Halan sees many patients for injuries or nagging pain, he most enjoys treating families working toward whole body wellness. Athletes can increase their performance and reduce their risk of future injuries with chiropractic care. Adjustments given to children with spinal issues have the potential for the strongest and longest impact of any service that Dr. Halan offers.

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