Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM

Aaahh ChiroSpa in Albuquerque, New Mexico is home to chiropractor Dr. Kirk E. Manson.

Dr. Manson’s treatment protocol involves a combination of myofascial release, trigger point injections and chiropractic manipulation to increase range of motion, improve flexibility and reduces pain.

He has been in practice for more than 25 years. Additionally, he is an Advanced Practice Chiropractic Physician. This certification is a post-doctoral degree that allows physicians who continued their education to perform advanced procedures such as trigger point injections, prolotherapy and IV nutritional therapies. It also permits specific formulary and prescriptive authority for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, which enhances their ability to treat patients.

Dr. Manson is a chiropractor in Albuquerque, NM who specializes in pathophysiology of myofascial pain as well as differential diagnosis and treatment of myofascial pain syndromes. Myofascial pain syndromes, and their accompanying joint dysfunction, are the leading causes of chronic pain. It is diagnosed by applying pressure to the myofascial connective tissue or trigger point resulting in a referral pattern of pain unique to that muscle.

Aaahh Chirospa also provides treatment for patients who have suffered from a car accident related injuries. We realized that dealing with the aftermath of the car accident can be extremely stressful. The entire incident raises havoc on personal lives. Sometimes it affects families, jobs and quality of life.

More often than not, patients tend to more concerned about getting the car fixed. Rightfully so, they need their vehicles to get to work, take their kids to school, etc. However, the injuries sustained in a car accident, might be subtle but if left untreated could lead to other problems. At first, you might experience muscles stiffness, soreness and fatigue. Why fatigue, you make ask? Because, your body is working very hard to heal itself.

We are able to take and develop x-rays on site.

Contact Dr. Manson at aaahh Chirospa to schedule an appointment to get out of pain.

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